Host: Reflections with Hiba

A spiritual wanderer seeking different paths, philosophies and ideas. A true believer that mystics are not special people but rather each person is a special kind of mystic. Unfortunately, in the South Asian community, we accept tradition and dogma without much reasoning and logic. The inspiration of my show ” Reflections with Hiba” is to rock the boat, to give the mind a gentle work out, to have the soul and mind inhale some food for thought and exhale out whatever is no longer needed or healthy.

I graduated from and lived in Dallas for 7 years before moving to the East coast. After spending 5 years away, I have recently moved back to Dallas.

I love fresh and liberating discussions. The more blasphemous the idea, the more interested I am.

When I get a minute from being a mom and wife, I enjoy reading and blogging.

Tune in to my show ” Reflections with Hiba” every Monday from 11-1 pm to find out what’s on my mind. Even better, call in to share what’s on your mind….