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Staying Sharp for Class & Standardized Tests
Staying on track for coursework while planning for standardized tests can often be a balancing act. While it is important to be proactive in planning ahead for exams and college, sometimes the rigors of the semester can catch up.

Here are 3 Study Tips to Stay on Track this Fall Semester:

1. Studying Smart: Stay Organized
Building organizational skills are the foundation to success in school and to balance deadlines for classwork and extracurricular activities.

Using a system to keep notes, assignments and syllabi organized can help students maximize their study time and identify areas for improvement.

Our tutors work with students on both their course material and building effective study skills for transferable learning.

There are also great online tools like Wunderlist and Sunrise Calendar that make it easy to keep track of assignments, meetings, and tasks for school, clubs, and activities.

2. Test Prep: Finding the Right Test: SAT vs ACT
With Test Scores comprising a major part of college applications it is integral for students to find the test they are strongest at between the SAT and ACT and develop a plan of action to crack the test.

Our tutors can help your child find the test that works best for them by administering a Combo Test to test their aptitude for the SAT or ACT, and to identify potential focus areas.

To schedule a combo test for your child, contact us at and we can proctor the exam, or send additional information.

Learn more about the differences between the SAT and ACT Exams

3. Planning for the Test
Choosing the right test date can also make a difference for students to set score goals and create a plan to prepare for test day.

Seniors should look toward the October or November dates to get scores submitted to universities in time while sophomores and juniors have additional options for test dates in the fall and the spring.

This March is the first time the New SAT will be offered which means for first time test takers, the March test date is a better option to get a fresh start on the new format. Students who have prepared for the old format should consider preparing for the January test date.

Our tutors provide in-depth preparation for the SAT and ACT starting with a diagnostic test to get a benchmark, and focusing on the sections and question types your child needs improvement on to build consistency and accuracy. On average our students improve between 20-30 percentiles after completing their test prep program.


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We also provide support for study skills and standardized test prep to help students position their scores for a strong academic profile.

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