Redemption in Peace.

I searched for redemption in peace,

Only to find out, I was never at ease;

The pain I caused others, and others caused me,

Only forgiveness was the key, to set all free.

We all were in a karmic loophole,

A never-ending paradox, a nightmare for sure,

But a sudden epiphany demystified it all,

The sweeter philosophy, of the peace evolved.

Our minds no longer clashed, and sparked,

And neither did it scorched our hearts,

Instead filled us with love and joy,

Whilst all the sins and guilt absolved.

When we found ourselves amidst the chaos,

We held our tongues and stood on ice,

Defying the odds, suppressing the cruelty,

Turned the other cheek, and held to our humanity.

We got the courage to spread our wings,

And spread the laughs amongst our kin,

We broke the barrier, of black and white,

As we stood hand-in- hand, stood tall and high

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            – Rabiya Merchant

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