Knowing your learning style- Guest post

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The importance of learning styles in personalized learning

Every student preferentially takes in, comprehends, learns, absorbs, and retains information differently. Each student has a distinct learning style, and it is crucial for the success of a student to be taught in a way the student will understand.

The notion of individualized learning styles has gained widespread recognition throughout the education system. It has become increasingly important for educators to understand each student’s distinct learning style in order to better adapt teaching practices to fit students needs.
Here are 2 ways to identify your learning style:

Learning from how you Receive Information: Traditional Learning Styles
One of the most popular and widely accepted methods of categorizing learning styles is the VARK model. The VARK model identifies learners by whether they have a preference for visual learning, auditory learning, reading and writing, or kinesthetic learning.

A breakdown of the individual learning styles:

Learning from how you interpret Information: True Colors
The True Colors Test is a method educators use to discover student’s personality styles. True Colors attempts to identify various personality styles in order to facilitate communication and understanding between students and educators.

Each color is associated with certain personality traits or behaviors. The True Colors Test shows the personality traits that are predominant in each individual.

Personalized Learning
Letting a student learn from someone who shares the same learning style can provide countless benefits to the student. Understanding each student’s learning style and matching it to others who share this same style is crucial for a successful personalized learning session.

At Apollo Tutors we know the value of finding the right fit between students and tutors. That’s why we use the True Colors Test to match our tutors to students who have the same learning style.

By analyzing each student’s learning style we are able to match them with a tutor who will address their individual learning needs, ambitions, interests, and goals.

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